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First Aid for Diabetes – Free Certified eCourse
diabetes elearning free course

Did you know that there are over 3.5 million people with Diabetes in the UK and it is estimated that half a million of those do not know that they have the condition? Diabetes is a medical condition where someone is unable to control the blood sugar (glucose) levels in […]

National Stress Awareness Day: Free Self-Help Guide on Stress Management
Stress Awareness at Work

According to the Mental Health Organisation, work-related stress accounts for a staggering 23.9 days of work lost for every person affected. It makes good business sense, for everyone to know about workplace stress, to enable collegues to spot the signs – and hopefully be able to offer early help before […]

Don’t Be Caught Out This Bonfire Night: Find Out How To Fight The Flames
burns guide

  We get it. It’s family time. It’s date night. It’s a get together with friends you haven’t seen in months. You’ll be raising a drink or two, chowing down on some greasy food while watching a colourful light display. The last thing you’ll be thinking about it is fire […]

Case Study: ‘What My Mental Health First Aid Course Taught Me’
Mental Health First Aid Course

Following the buzz of World Mental Health day, we thought it only right that we send our HR manager Connor to test out our Mental Health First Aid Course for himself. The less taboo talking about mental health becomes, the more people are invested in learning about it. We have so […]

The Top 5 Tips for Recognising Mental Health Issues in the Workplace
How to recognise mental health issues n the workplace

We can’t see Gravity. We can’t see Time. We can’t see Space. We can’t see the roots of trees holding them up in a storm, but we know that they exist. The same applies to mental health. Mental Health Awareness – your Top 5 Tips to Recognise Mental Health Issues […]

Five Facts We Should All Know About Sepsis.
SkillBase First Aid Training Guide to Sepsis

Five Facts We Should All Know About Sepsis. Sepsis is the name for blood poisoning, and is a serious complication of an infection. It is not understood why, but it occurs when the immune system overreacts and attacks a person’s organs and tissues. Sepsis can be treated successfully with antibiotics […]

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