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When Does First Aid Training Expire?

Just like everything else in the world, First Aid Courses have a sell by date. There is no use buying a lifetime supply of bread and expecting that to go the distance – and First Aid Courses are no different. Estimated reading time: 3 minutes So, firstly, why do First […]

Why Should You Do First Aid Training?

It’s a question we all ask ourselves, isn’t it? When asked at work, we tend to bury our heads into our laptops and computers – avoiding all eye contact with our manager. Noone wants to voluntarily act as the appointed first aider, that is, until they need it. So, why […]

Stress Awareness Series: Final Episode Seven

It’s our last video for Stress Awareness Month! We’ve covered symptoms, Mental Health, crutches and so much more. Our last episode has got to be pretty good, right? Correct! In our final episode, we ask Julian to divulge what more workplaces can be doing in order to support their employees […]

Stress Awareness Series: Episode Six

Julian Hall breaks down the barriers and tells us some home truths. What do most of his clients admit to relying on and why? In this penultimate episode – Julian exposes some of the most popular forms of stress relief. We learn what people lean on as crutches, just to […]

Stress Awareness Series: Episode Five

There are just a few episodes left of our Stress Awareness Series! In Episode Five we focus on symptoms. Julian explains that while we can research this ourselves online, there is a common list of symptoms we can familiarise ourselves with to look after ourselves and others. Watch the video […]

Stress Awareness Series: Episode Four

Wow – Julian talks a lot of sense! We now have Episode Four: Living with Pain Points But firstly, what is a ‘pain point’? A pain point is something that you can clearly recognise as a factor which is causing stress to your life. For example – if you put […]

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