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Cardiac Arrests in Women Harder to Spot?

Women are less likely to survive a cardiac arrest. Studies show that women are far less likely to survive outside of a hospital environment… but why is this? Estimated reading time 4 minutes Dr Hanno Tan, from the University of Amsterdam, analysed the data from all resuscitation attempts made by […]

Head Injuries, Concussion and Compression

Head injuries are always a concern, especially for a first aider. From frequent bumps and tumbles as children, to slips and falls as adults – they are so common. But how do we go about treating someone for a head injury that is more severe? It isn’t something we often […]

First Aid Training for Schools

When working in a school, it can be really tough to know what you need – as each schools requirements may differ to another. There is no black or white answer when it comes to school first aid training – but we are going to break this down in the […]

How Long Does First Aid Training Take?

It’s a common one. You need First Aid Training, but how long is this going to take you? How many days of annual leave will you need (or days out of the office) for you to get up to speed? The easiest answer is: it depends. Each course has different […]

When Does First Aid Training Expire?

Just like everything else in the world, First Aid Courses have a sell by date. There is no use buying a lifetime supply of bread and expecting that to go the distance – and First Aid Courses are no different. Estimated reading time: 3 minutes So, firstly, why do First […]

Why Should You Do First Aid Training?

It’s a question we all ask ourselves, isn’t it? When asked at work, we tend to bury our heads into our laptops and computers – avoiding all eye contact with our manager. No one wants to voluntarily act as the appointed first aider, that is, until they need it. So, […]

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