Which Course?

Not sure which first aid training course is right for you? Don’t know what the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legal requirements are for first aid training?

Use our interactive tool below to find out exactly what the requirements are.

Are you looking for training for...

Which best describes your business or organisation...

For example; engineering and assembly, construction, chemicals, dangerous machinery, sharp instruments or dangerous animals.

For example; small shops, offices and libraries.

For example; KS1 & KS2 schools, nurseries, sure start centres.

First Aid for Home & Family

If you are not looking for first aid cover for a workplace, it’s your decision about which course is best for you.

Our most popular courses for personal users are Emergency First Aid One Day Course and Paediatric First Aid Two Day Course, both of which are available for individuals.

First Aid for Volunteers, Clubs & Groups

If you are looking for voluntary cover for an organisation such as a community group, church, or sporting club we recommend that you follow the workplace needs assessment and try to choose the answers that are closest to your organisations need.

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