Welcome to part one in our series giving you all the information you need to become a Fundamental Wellbeing Instructor, we are excited to tell you all about our much-loved training programme!

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First things first…why did we create the ‘Fundamental Wellbeing’ series of courses?

The demand for mental health training is increasing as many organisations move towards creating a wellbeing strategy that allows them to focus on their people. More and more organisations are curious about what mental health is and more importantly how they can support people who experience mental ill-health. The statistics show us that 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year which highlights the importance of increasing our education and awareness around the subject.

In collaboration with a number of mental health professionals, therapists, trainers and wellbeing specialists, SkillBase is proud to have produced the Fundamental Wellbeing series of courses.

Along with our passion for the parity of esteem between physical and mental health, we also created the courses:

  • As a response to requests and demands from current customers and partners
  • As a focus on confidence and not just competence within mental health training
  • To have training that was in line with our current SkillBase products
  • To help organisations fulfil their wellbeing strategy
  • To help more people across the UK access good quality, engaging, and informative mental health training that doesn’t put any barriers to helping children too.

What are the series of courses?

  • Fundamental Wellbeing Essentials – 2.5 hours
  • Fundamental Wellbeing Foundations – 4 hours
  • Fundamental Wellbeing Supporter – 1 day
  • Fundamental Wellbeing First Aid – 2 days

Once you have been signed off at the end of your training programme, you will be qualified to deliver all of the courses above, both online and face-to-face.

How does the Fundamental Wellbeing Instructor training actually work?

The Instructor course is designed to be delivered across 5 days live online with your trainer.

Days One & Two:

To be able to teach the course, you need to take the course! The first two days of the instructor course will take you through the ‘Fundamental Wellbeing First Aid’ (2 day) course. You will experience the course content first-hand, how it runs, and most importantly gain an understanding of how to manage and empower a delegate’s learning journey. You will experience this course with real-life delegates and for this part of the journey, we really want you to experience the 2 day course as a delegate. This will help develop your understanding and empathy for what the coures feels like as a delegate. With all your new knowledge from these two days, you will then begin your journey on how to teach, with confidence.

Day Three:

Day 3 will cover the principles of teaching the course. You will get an overview of how the course helps people to learn about mental health, and with facilitation training, how you can manage your group’s learning. We will give you the confidence to teach delegates the importance of empathy and increase both yours and your delegate’s skills and knowledge around mental health and wellbeing. We will cover terminology, and training styles to prepare you for delivering a section of the course to your fellow instructors on days 4&5.

Days Four & Five:

On days 4&5, with full support and guidance, you will have the opportunity to deliver a pre-prepared section assigned to you from the ‘Fundamental Wellbeing First Aid’ course, as the practice part of the training. During these days you will gain feedback on your training, and understand how to bring your own skills and training styles to the course with confidence!

What happens after the 5 days training?

Upon completion of your Instructor training you will enter the sign-off phase of the programme.

Partnership Delivery

Along with a fellow instructor, you will arrange to deliver your own live ‘Fundamental Wellbeing First Aid’ 2 day course, making sure you both cover all modules needed to be licensed. 

Coaching Reflection

You will attend a one-on-one coaching session with one of our Master Instructors, usually after your partnership deliveries have been completed. This will be a reflective session using your feedback to increase your confidence further and receive your full licence. It is also an opportunity to celebrate your achievements so far.

Once your coaching session has been completed you will submit for your full license and providing all compliance is ticked off, become part of the SkillBase Trainer Network community, and be licensed to provide the full series of Fundamental Wellbeing courses!

Annual Recharge/Re-licence Days

There will also be an annual ‘recharge’ day where you come together online with your community of Fundamental Wellbeing Instructors to connect, upskill, update and recharge. This day is inclusive of your licence and no extra charges apply.

On-going Support

As part of the Fundamental Wellbeing Instructor Network, you will have access to our team for on-going support. More on this later in the series!

Do I need an existing qualification to become a Fundamental Wellbeing Instructor?

The short answer is no!

If you have come this far in enquiring about becoming an instructor, you already know it will involve managing, teaching, and inspiring a group of people.

We are all about teaching confidence and supporting you on your journey so we feel strongly about not limiting the training programme to those with extensive CV’s…

Desirables (but not expected)

  • Teaching qualification
  • Training experience
  • Facilitation experience
  • Experience of mental health topics
  • Further education such as a degree or masters


  • A genuine interest in all things mental health and wellbeing!
  • A passion to teach, inspire and share engaging content
  • To be friendly, open and understanding
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Computer literate
  • Eagerness to learn

SkillBase First Aid are experts in delivering confidence building Fundamental Wellbeing Instructor courses. For more information, dates or to make your booking call us on 0330 335 1234, or click here.

In our next part, we’ll look at how to be confident when training a new subject. Any questions in the meantime, drop us a line! If you’d like to jump there now, here is the link!



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