Terms & Conditions

  • These terms and conditions are between SkillBase First Aid and the booking business, organisation or individual. Once a booking is confirmed over the phone or online, a binding contract is formed.
  • Any cancellations and rescheduled courses made 15 or less working days before training is due to take place will be subject to the full course fee and shall remain payable, and are non-refundable. All cancellations should be made in writing.
  • SkillBase First Aid make no guarantee of a delegate successfully passing any course. The client is not entitled to set-off of deduct amounts from the total amount payable, including situations where an in-house course is not full, or delegates do not complete a whole course.
  • SkillBase First Aid shall not be liable to the customer by any failure to perform SkillBase First Aid’s obligations under the contract if the failure is due to any cause beyond SkillBase First Aid’s reasonable control. SkillBase First Aid shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the customer, including loss of profits arising out of performance of the contract by SkillBase First Aid.
  • SkillBase First Aid reserves the right to cancel and/or amend course dates, times, contents and venues. Every effort will be made to give the customer as much notice as possible and offer a reasonable alternative.
  • SkillBase First Aid reserves the right to remove or amend any part of its courses without prior notice or consultation. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the courses, SkillBase First Aid shall not be liable for any inaccuracies or for any subsequent mistreatment of any person or property, however caused.
  • All delegates participate on training courses at their own risk.
  • SkillBase First Aid offers an advertised confidence guarantee on some courses. The following terms and conditions apply: Retraining will be offered at an open/scheduled course when dates are available regardless of whether the initial training was inhouse or open. Guarantee claims should be made in 15 working days of course completion. Guarantee claims should be made in writing, and then will require completion of a claim form. Delegates must attend and participate in all of their course.

Covid-19 related

As an essential training provider, we want you to know that all our courses have been, and will continue to run unless we contact you otherwise.

If you are advised by the government to self-isolate when your course is due to take place. We will transfer you to our next available course. We understand our customers need to gain their first aid qualifications promptly and will do our best to find a course ASAP for you. If you are an organisation, you can choose to send another employee onto the course to take the place of the person needing to self-isolate.

If we don’t hear from you and you do not show to a course, unfortunately our terms still stand and the full course fee shall remain payable, and non-refundable.

Please stay safe and keep well.