A warm welcome to the start of something special

Our instructor network is specifically designed for people who want to deliver HSE compliant first aid training courses, either within the organisation that they work for, or as a self-employed instructor.

Joining our network of trainers allows workplace and independent trainers to be part of an exciting community of First Aid Instructors, that stretches across the UK and Europe.

Membership of our National First Aid Instructor Network is exclusively available to those who have completed our First Aid Instructor Training Course.

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With you every step of the way

Our Training Network Manager and Training Quality Specialists are dedicated to providing you with ongoing support and continuous guidance to ensure that you remain confident in training first aid.

We will provide you with professional training materials and quality assurance services to enable you to teach a range of courses.

Watch our short video now to learn about all the ongoing support you’ll receive.

Lets keep this simple

Our aim is to keep things simple, and reduce trainer administration time.

This means that you will have the maximum amount of practical time, where you are able to focus on delivering fun, interactive and lively first aid courses and helping your delegates become confident in saving lives, all the time knowing that the courses you are delivering are compliant.

When you join the SkillBase First Aid network we’ll make sure you are ready to get on with training straight away. Save countless hours researching compliance, writing your own courses, creating your own presentations.

Our delegate pack bundles have everything you need, and lesson plans and presentations are available for FREE immediate download.

You can be safe in the knowledge that these courses, resources and presentations are tried and tested on approximately one hundred thousand delegates, so you have the peace of mind knowing that they work!

Join a winning team - and get the support you really need

As a SkillBase First Aid Network Trainer, you’ll get:

  • a licence to provide a range of HSE Compliant First Aid Courses, with all the various rules and regulations taken care of.
  • Exclusive access to professionally designed and printed delegate packs, with everything you need for a course, including ‘The Good First Aid Guide’ and accompanying workbooks. No hassle of  buying books separately, and printing forms & handouts at home.
  • Free professionally designed and photographed accompanying course presentations
  • Free detailed lesson plans and trainer toolkits, allowing you to start training straight away.
  • Free annual observations in order to help you remain confident in the training that you provide & annual CPD at our trainer network conference
  • No certificate and extra admin, just bundle up and send the paperwork we provide back, and we’ll do all the QA, checks, and send you back  professional certificates. 
  • Ongoing support and guidance from our experienced Training Quality Manager & Training Quality Specialists.

Here's how it works in a nutshell

How can it be free?

We prefer to make long term relationships rather than short term gain – we believe it is better that way. Rather than a large set-up fee and lots of admin, we would prefer you to get up-and-running straight away, that will mean that you’ll complete more training, and purchase more packs from us.

Once you have registered with the trainer network, you can buy your delegate resource packs on a pay as you go basis, and because there is no minimum order, you only need to purchase as many as you need.

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Register with our network at the end of your SkillBase First Aid Instructor Training Course.
  2. We’ll give you access to our portal so you can download your free presentations, and lesson plans. We’ll also send you our free trainer toolkit packed with useful training aids. If you don’t have training resources such as manikins, you can order them there too. Order your delegate packs when you are ready to run a course.
  3. After your course, bundle the simple forms in an envelope and send it to us – we’ll take care of your quality assurance, archiving, and quickly send your professional certificates to you in the post.

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