Alarmed Defibrillator Cabinet

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Alarmed Metal Cabinet For Defibrillators

AED indoor wall cabinet sounds an alarm instantly, once the door has been opened. The alarm alerts people in the vicinity of the emergency, improves security and acts as a deterrent against unnecessary tampering. The quick release push-button allows quick access in an emergency, for extra security you can lock the cabinet with the keys provided.

This Cabinet is designed to fit the Mediana A15 Defibrillator

Constructed from a white powder coated metal, with a stone enamelled finish and toughened glass door for durability and visibility.

Secure your vital AED’s, provide rapid access, maintain in dry, dust-free conditions and be ready for an emergency with the AED indoor wall cabinet.


  • Toughened glass door
  • Compatible with most AED models
  • The alarm sounds when opened
  • Lockable
  • Safe and Visible
  • Quick Release Push-Button
  • Currently only fits A15 AED Model

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Weight 3 kg


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