In our experience, embarking on training a new subject (or a familiar subject in a new way) can sometimes be daunting. We’re here for you on this journey and it is our mission to help you transform into a confident, empowered instructor trainer.

This week’s session explains how to become a confident trainer, and also how attending our Fundamental Wellbeing Instructor course will help you with your journey.

These top ten tips (adapted from a fab article at Wiit) are a great introduction on how to be confident when presenting a course – especially on a new subject. Our FWI course is packed with confidence-building methods. We believe that the more confident you are as a Fundamental Wellbeing Trainer, the more confident your delegates will be. Here goes!

1. Expect to be nervous.

It happens. A little bit of nerves is a good thing, and even the most experienced trainers get nervous. Don’t try to eliminate your jitters. Turn them into energy you can use to boost your delivery. Take time during your course to practice with other trainee instructors and boost your confidence.

2. Prepare.

Know what you are going to say – and why you want to say it. Use the Fundamental Wellbeing Instructor guidance material we provide to everyone that joins the SkillBase Instructor Network (for free). Stick to them, and don’t be afraid to have them to hand.

3. Practice.

Speak to supportive audiences where less is at stake – you could start by practicing at home with willing family members, friends or maybe even some short practice sessions at work with colleagues. Use the presentations we provide during the course to help.

4. Breathe.

In the thirty seconds before you begin speaking, take three slow, deep breaths through your nose, filling your belly. As you breathe out, say silently to yourself, “Relax”

5. Rehearse.

Stand up and walk around as you practice out loud. Don’t try to memorise courses, or  practice it word for word. Talk it through, point by point. Imagine you’re explaining your main ideas to a friend. That will keep it authentic, and help delegates engage with you.

6. Focus on your audience.

Stage fright is rooted in asking questions of yourself, like ‘How am I doing?’ or ‘Am I making any sense?’ Reframe your focus on your audience instead of on yourself, this way you’ll respond at the moment to what your audience needs as appose to getting stuck in self-criticism.

7. Simplify.

Most trainers try to do too much in a speech. Then they worry about leaving something out or losing their train of thought. The aim, instead, is to communicate one basic idea. Keep it short and simple. We’ll spend loads of time talking about suitable terminology in your training.

8. Visualise success.

Practice relaxation techniques in the days before your course.  Lie down or sit comfortably in a quiet place. Breathe slowly. Close your eyes. Imagine your upcoming course. Picture yourself speaking with confidence.

9. Connect with your audience.

Make the audience your allies. Remember we are all people who need and want connection! If you are in a classroom-based course try to talk to a few people before the course begins. On an online course, the introduction will help you get to know your delegates and give them space to talk. When your audience sides with you, your job as a trainer becomes easier.

10. Act confident.

People won’t see how nervous you are. (They can’t tell if your palms are sweating or your knees are knocking or your heart is pounding.) So don’t tell them. Smile. Stick your chest out. Look confident, even if you don’t feel it.


    SkillBase First Aid are experts in delivering confidence building Fundamental Wellbeing Instructor courses. For more information, dates or to make a booking call us on 0330 335 1234, or click here.

    In our next part, we look at how we created the Fundamentals, research, compliancy and how we communicate this to delegates. See you then! If you’d like to jump there now, here is the link!


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