Did you know that if you have difficulty making voice calls, you can now contact the emergency services by a text message?

The scheme called EmergencySMS is part of the standard 999 service, and has been championed by Action on Hearing Loss, and is designed specifically for people with hearing loss or difficulty with speech. 

You have to register for the service, which you simply do by texting ‘Register’ to 999. You’ll be sent a reply that will take you through the registration process.

From there, in an emergency registered users can text 999, and give the following details:

  1. Who? 
    Police, ambulance, fire and rescue or coast guard
  2. What? 
    Briefly, what is the problem?
  3. Where? 
    Give the name of the road, house number, postcode or nearby landmark, if possible.

Do not send test or non-emergency texts

This service works throughout the UK on all mobile networks, but it cannot be used from abroad. 

For more information go to the EmergencySMS website(external link, opens new window) or you can download a leaflet about EmergencySMS

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Richard Craddock

Richard is the Managing Director at SkillBase First Aid

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