Injuries to the eye can be very distressing for the casualty. As a first aider, your aim is to prevent the situation from becoming worse and offer reassurance to the casualty.

Possible Signs and Symptoms:
• Visible damage to the eye, possibly bloodshot
• Intense pain
• Spasm (twitching) of the eye lids
• Part or full loss of vision
• A clear fluid leaking from the eye

Treatment for Injuries:
• Do not allow the casualty to rub their eyes
• Dress the eye with an eye pad or appropriate dressing
• Do not try to remove anything from the eye
• Tell the casualty to keep their uninjured eye closed, or even consider bandaging over it.
• Call 999 or take the casualty to hospital as appropriate depending on severity

Treatment for Contamination:
If there are chemicals, dust or grit in the eye, or the eye has been burned (for example during welding) flush the eye with lots of running water before dressing. Water from the tap is fine, or you could use a sterile eye wash.


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