There are a lot of myths out there about workplace first aid, so here is a blog that will help you separate the facts from the fibs.




MYTH #1 – “Tilt your head back to stop a nosebleed”

Tilt it forward! Tilting your head backwards may cause blood to enter your airway stomach. This could lead to choking or sick. Here’s what to do:

  • Pinch the soft part of the nose and lean forwards.
  • Continue to pinch the soft part for 10 minutes.
  • Seek medical advice if the bleeding continues for more than 30 minutes.


MYTH #2 – “Sucking out a bee sting will ease the pain”

This is ineffective as well as unhygienic.

  • If the sting is visible on the skin, a credit card can be used to scrap it away.
  • Use the edge of the card, drag it across the skin and this will remove the sting.


MYTH #3 – “Small workplaces don’t have to make arrangement for first aid”

The Health and Safety Executive require all workplaces to make arrangements of sudden illness or injury at work, regardless of the number of employees on site. You can quickly check your needs using our online wizard, click here to go there now.


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