Emergencies happen. On ordinary days, life can change in the beat of a heartbeat, and school staff can find themselves in a life threatening emergency.

Schools have an obligation to ensure that their team are able to manage a first aid emergency, such as an accident or sudden case of illness – both for the children and staff.

Whether it’s the old ‘wet paper towel’ trick, a bit of TLC, or recognition of serious conditions such as Asthma or Anaphylaxis – school staff should be confident an understand their responsibilities. 

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Understanding Your School’s First Aid Responsibilities


  • Should have a policy and risk assessment for first aid in school.
  • Maintain health and safety law regarding first aid for teaching and support staff.
  • Make provision for when staff and children are off-site.
  • Provide adequate first aid kits and equipment.
  • Make arrangements for out of hours agreements, such as lettings and parent’s evening.


  • To put the school / governing body’s / academy’s policy into practice.
  • Develop detailed procedures.
  • Make sure that staff and parents are aware of the schools health & safety policy, including arrangements for first aid.

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School Staff

  • Don’t automatically include giving first aid, although staff may volunteer to undertake these tasks.
  • Should use their best endeavors at all times, particularly in emergencies, to secure the welfare of pupils.
  • In general, ‘the consequences of taking no action are likely to be more serious than those of trying to assist in an emergency.’

Source: Department of Education

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