Our national Fundamental Wellbeing Instructor Network is made up of a mix of both self-employed trainers, and workplace-based trainers.

For the self-employed

You might be looking to start your own business as a Fundamental Wellbeing Instructor, or add the Fundamental Wellbeing suite of courses to the services you already provide in your training company.

Chances are, you love speaking to people. Naturally you’ll want to spend your time training, and talking to your customers. What you might not like so much is endless hours of research, making sure you are compliant, data entry and printing out paperwork.

Don’t worry – we’ve got this!

When you join the SkillBase Fundamental Wellbeing Instructor Network, that’s all taken care of. Plus, you will receive advice and guides to marketing your courses and communications.

And – did we mention that joining is absolutely free?!

There are many benefits of joining the SkillBase Fundamental Wellbeing Instructor Network. Our aim is to keep things simple, and reduce trainer administration time.

This means that you will maximise practical time. You are able to focus on delivering fun, interactive and inspiring courses. Helping your delegates become ‘Mental Wellbeing First Aiders’, all the time knowing that the courses you are delivering are grounded in research, evidence-based and compliant. (Refresh your memory on this with Part 3!)

For workplace-based trainers

Many workplaces have a fantastic set-up for internal training, which often includes first aid, health and safety training (did you know we also offer this? Click here for more information on our First Aid Instructor training!)

Adding Fundamental Wellbeing Training to the courses you provide to your team can save the organisation both time and money but most importantly it allows you to tailor the training to your industry and staff.

However, training a new subject can involve so much setup and admin that it can be off-putting, especially if you are juggling training commitments around your day job.

Don’t worry – we’ve got this!

When you join the SkillBase Fundamental Wellbeing Instructor Network, that’s all taken care of. You’ll be ready to run a range of in-company mental health training courses, from short awareness courses suitable for induction – right through to the Fundamental Wellbeing First Aid 2 day course.

Here are the top 6 ways we can save you time, wherever you are training, so you can concentrate on doing what you love!

1 – Cut the Research

Our internal course writing team keeps up to date with all current guidelines and regulations. Whenever something changes it is quickly rolled out. They are experts at navigating through all the compliance aspects of being a Fundamental Wellbeing trainer, so can make sure that your training is always updated!

2 – Get you ready to go with ready-made presentations

We’ll give you access to your own portal on our management system. This is where you can download your free presentations. All our presentations are fun, bright and engaging. They have been carefully designed to complement the ‘Good Mental Health Guide’.

3 – Produce all your delegate resources

Members of the SkillBase Fundamental Wellbeing Instructor Network get exclusive access to professionally designed and printed delegate resources.

These are available to purchase through your portal. They have everything your delegate will need for a course, including ‘The Good Mental Health Guide’ and an accompanying A.C.T.I.O.N.S© plan lanyard.

The packs set the right impression for your course delegates. Not only do
they look professional, they cut down on countless hours of home printing and collating. Plus, no hassle of buying books separately!

4 – Easy data entry & certification

We know how much time admin can take up! We have streamlined the process by using our all-singing all-dancing management system. Using your portal you will upload your course dates and delegates so once they have completed the course we can take care of the certification, sending them an automatic e-certificate and congratulations email with your details on.

5 – Keep you up to date and connected

As well as loads of information in your portal, we’ll do our very best to keep you up-to-date and connected.

Every Fundamental Wellbeing Instructor on the Network gets a free annual ‘recharge’ day online. It’s a real confidence booster and a great chance to share stories.

Plus, you can also attend our annual big trainer get together! A day packed full of making connections, CPD, picking up tips, and keeping connected.

6 – Provide support when you need it

It can be lonely out there on your own! If you’re a social butterfly, connect with other like-minded SkillBase First Aid Instructors on our social media group.

You’ll also get ongoing support and guidance from our experienced Network Trainer Team, who are always on the end of the phone.

Sounds great, right?

How can it be free?

The question we are asked all the time when we tell people completing both our Fundamental Wellbeing Instructor and First Aid Instructor training courses that joining the Network is free. Put simply, we prefer to make long-term relationships rather than a short-term gain – we believe it is better that way.

Rather than a large set-up fee and lots of admin, we think it’s best to get up-and-running straight away, that will mean that you’ll complete more training, and purchase more packs from us.

Once you have registered with the trainer network, you can buy your delegate resource packs on a pay-as-you-go basis, and because there is no minimum order, you only need to purchase as many as you need.

If you have any questions we’re here to help. We’re on 0330 335 1234 if you need us.


SkillBase First Aid are experts in delivering confidence building Fiundamental Wellbeing Instructor courses. For more information, dates or to make your booking call us on 0330 335 1234, or click here.


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