Join Angela Mappin from SkillBase First Aid for this live 30 min webinar on Wednesday 3rd November at 14:00 for International Stress Awareness Week 2021!

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The world of work is ever-changing. There may be an emphasis on competition, pressure to achieve targets and meet deadlines, or to keep up with the rapid advancements in technology.

The global pandemic and our current energy crisis, among other things, can also lead to stress.

A certain level of pressure in a business environment is desirable. Pressure helps to motivate us and boosts our energy and productivity. But when that pressure becomes too much to cope with, that positive force turns negative and becomes stress.

Join Angela Mappin from SkillBase First Aid on Wednesday 3rd November from 14:00 - 14:30 in this live 30-minute webinar for International Stress Awareness Week 2021 as we look specifically at stress in the workplace and how to manage stress positively. We hope to provide you with some really helpful new ways to think about supporting positive mental health. 

Angela Mappin is a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, professional coach and L&D consultant with a background in designing and implementing management development programmes and coaching strategies for large-scale organisations.

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We would love to have your questions ahead of the live webinar so we can answer as many as possible during the 30 minute live session! Look out for the space in the sign-up form to add your question. There will also be a free downloadable toolkit at the end of the chat and a chance to book in for a free consultation with our Mental Health Training Team for further guidance.

What is International Stress Awareness Week?

International Stress Awareness Week was created in 2018 to raise awareness about stress prevention, and this year marks 23 years since the establishment of Stress Awareness Day, the highlight of the Week, in 1998.

International Stress Awareness Week has developed as a major annual event focusing on stress management and campaigning against the stigma associated with stress and mental health issues.

ISMAUK's Online Global Stress & Wellbeing Summit is the highlight of International Stress Awareness Week 2021, a dynamic hub for the latest thinking and guidance on stress management, mental health and employee wellbeing. A prestigious line-up of experts will speak on these vital subjects in keynotes, panel discussions, expert sessions and more, in front of an international audience. For more details go here.


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One in four people in the UK will suffer from a mental health issue each year and yet two-thirds have no one to speak to about their mental health, according to a poll for Time To Talk Day 2019 by Time To Change.

While it is a legal requirement to have physical first aiders in every workplace, and in many public places and events, we’re still a long way from seeing our mental health treated in the same way.

Here at SkillBase First Aid we hope to change that by training people as mental health first aiders to be able to assist those suffering with mental ill health in the workplace, and signposting them to get the appropriate professional help.

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We also have a dedicated Mental Health Training Manager to consult with you and your organisation on strategy, implementing MHFA and all wellbeing related policies.

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We believe in equality between mental and physical health, that's why we provide training in both.