Most seizures are easy to spot, but would you be able to recognise a minor seizure?

Minor seizures, also known as absence seizures (the most common symptom) are more difficult to recognise than most fits.

You will be able to recognise that the casualty has an altered state of consciousness or behaviour. They will become unaware of their surroundings.

This sort of fit may last just a few seconds, which is why they can be so hard to identify.

What can we look out for?

Possible Signs and Symptoms:
  • ‘Zoned out’ daydreaming
  • Twitching Movements
  • Smacking of lips
  • Repeatedly swallowing
  • Guide the person from danger
  • Look for an epilepsy identity card or jewellery
  • Stay with the person until recovery is complete
  • Be calmly reassuring
  • Explain anything they may have missed
  • Seek appropriate medical attention

  • Do not shout at the person to attempt to get them to ‘snap out of it’
  • Do not allow the casualty to continue to use any machinery, drive, or participate in sports until they have sought medical attention

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