It can be really tricky to determine the differences and links between poor Mental Health and Stress. Luckily, we have an expert in his field Julian Hall to refer to with this frequently asked question – so how do we do this?

In this Episode – Julian clearly highlights the differences and similarities between the two!

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Episode Three: Stress and Mental Health

If you already have poor mental health, then you are likely to find it more difficult to deal with stress. It isn’t due to the mental health issue itself, but instead, it is because of the many issues a person may be juggling all at once. For instance: lack of sleep, lack of self-care, poor coping strategies, and overall poor mental health. This can mount up and feel overwhelming.

Likewise, if someone has good mental health but allows stress to build up while making poor health choices and not taking care of themselves – they will be more susceptible to what is known as ‘burnout’.

Burnout can result in anxiety, physical illnesses, depression, and so on. In Julian’s opinion, a lot of people are likely to suffer poor mental health due to stress-related issues. It is only if they are continually ignored that these can spiral out of control.

Julian believes that stress can often be confused with poor mental health as a lot of the factors which impact our mental state are within our control. If positive changes are made, then we are likely to find a balance. This means that our mental health actually isn’t the problem: it is stress management.

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