Believe it or not, the more you do for others the better you feel. Action for Happiness claim that

‘If you want to feel good, do good’

So kicking off our series of Ten Keys to Happier Living is… Giving

But how can giving to others help you be happier, surely it is making others happier?
Here are just a few benefits, to you, from doing good things for others;

  •       Feel more lifted and improve your mood
  •       Improve your self-esteem
  •       Help build connections with others
  •       Improve your confidence

Giving doesn’t have to cost you a penny either; we can give our time, a listening ear, or a shoulder to cry on. We can donate unwanted items to a local charity, help a stranger with their shopping, help colleagues by offering our additional skillset on their project, or volunteer for a local charity.
Make sure your focus is solely on giving to others for the joy of giving and do not expect anything in return. This way you will feel the authenticity and joy of giving.
How will you start on your ‘giving’ journey to help improve your happiness? Because we are on a mission to change workplace culture and reduce mental health stigma at work our gift to you is 10 ways to start giving more at work; here are 10 things to inspire you:

  1. Discreetly pay for the next persons coffee
  2. Offer to make a round of drinks for the office
  3. Start a shared lunch experience that will encourage everyone to leave their desk and socially eat lunch together once a week – try not to let it turn into a work meeting and make it a ‘no work talk zone’
  4. Ask for donations instead of gifts on your birthday
  5. Leave a good book behind for someone to find
  6. Smile at as many people as you can
  7. Endorse a colleague for their great work to the senior management
  8. Thank a colleague sincerely, face to face, for their continued work
  9. Start a difficult conversation with someone in need and share words of encouragement
  10. Try a whole day without judging and try to fully empathise with colleagues


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