If there’s one thing we know about workplaces – it’s that not everyone is fully aware of their surroundings. It doesn’t matter how long you have sat in the same chair, stared out of the same window, or bought lunch from the same shop every single day – very few people take in more information than they think they need to.

We are hoping that our clearly marked first aid signs will help make things a little easier for you at work.

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We can guarantee:

  1. Not everyone knows their appointed first aiders
  2. Not everyone knows where the location is to go to for first aid
  3. And not everyone knows how to contact an appointed first aider

And so, like a lighthouse in a storm, we hope these guide you to safety! Our first aid signs are all extremely easy to use, edit and print – so feel free to not only use these yourselves, but to share with your friends and colleagues.

(It’s a lot less painful than sitting on Microsoft Word trying to make your own for hours!)

Well, we want to make your life super easy. If you are in Health and Safety or HR, we know that you’ll be run ragged. It can be exhausting trying to keep up to date with regulations that you need to adhere to for your working environment.

So what do these posters look like?

  • These signs will always include the first aider names, contacts and location
  • You will also have access to our other signs for certain first aid rooms, eye wash stations, and kit labels

  • Easy steps to follow to download, amend and print your signs

And it’s that simple! Download your copies today for an easy life and a peace of mind. Phew!

Jessica Clarke-Wheatley

Jessica Clarke-Wheatley

Jessica is the Brand and Communications Officer nationally for SkillBase First Aid. She loves sharing stories about how SkillBase First Aid turns people in 'Standby-Superheroes'.

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