It’s a common one. You need First Aid Training, but how long is this going to take you? How many days of annual leave will you need (or days out of the office) for you to get up to speed? The easiest answer is: it depends. Each course has different durations. Let’s break this down…

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Like with anything, it completely depends upon how extensive your learning needs to be. This means that your first aid training could range between a few hours, to half a day, a day, or even multiple days worth of training.

For example, if you had plans to become a First Aid Instructor (teaching others) you’d expect your training to be a lot more in-depth and thorough than someone who wants to get to grips with the basics.

Make sense?

– Okay, good.

So let’s start by looking at our courses and sort them into how long they will take you to complete. See – this is easy!

How Long Will My Course Take?
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A Couple of Hours:

One Day:

Two Days:

Three Days:

And there you have it!

We have dissected our courses and separated them into categories which will (hopefully) make it a far easier job when it comes to choosing your course! Obviously, when you click the link – you will instantly see if the duration of your course aligns nicely with the themes and content that you are looking for!

How long a first aid course is often the least important factor when it comes to choosing your course, so why not have a look at our course chooser? In just 3 clicks we promise you will have a better understanding!

Rather pick up the phone? No problem! Call us on 0330 335 1234 to speak to one of our service superheroes. They will help in any way they can!

Jessica Clarke-Wheatley

Jessica Clarke-Wheatley

Jessica is the Brand and Communications Officer nationally for SkillBase First Aid. She loves sharing stories about how SkillBase First Aid turns people in 'Standby-Superheroes'.


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