Training Environment 

Our training team love getting out and about and visiting customer’s venues across the country. We train in all sort of places, from factories to farms, schools to sheds!

If you are hosting a course, these top tips will make sure that the environment is conducive to learning:

We need some space

The big wigs at the HSE recommend that the room is at least 16 square metres for a group of up to 12 people, that’s just over a metre per person, which we think is somewhat of a squeeze! Before you go out with your tape measure, we’d suggest taking a good look at the room and imagine three life size manikins on the floor, with four people around each one. If there is enough room for that, as well as the trainer and their equipment, we should be good to go! The last thing that we would went is people tripping over each other and injuring themselves on a first aid course! 


But first…coffee.

Levels of concentration fall sharply with dehydration. We’d suggest making sure there is plenty of water available, maybe even somewhere for people to get themselves a cuppa too (our trainers always appreciate being offered a brew when they arrive!). If you are feeling particularly generous no one ever complains about having biscuits. For the record, our favorites are custard creams. 😉

If people are keeping hydrated, it’s likely that they might want to nip out to spend a penny now and then, so having toilet facilities near to the training venue means that they won’t miss too much, or have to spend lots of time catching up.

It’s getting hot in here

Ventilation if great especially on hot or stuffy days – you’d be surprised how much hot air 12 people practicing mouth-to-mouth can generate!

Windows great, fans fab, air conditioning a dream. 😎

Other things to think about:
  • Of course, the venue should have good clear access to safe exits in-case of an emergency.
  • Our team carry with them all the equipment to run the course, and being able to park somewhere close by really helps us out.
  • If the course you have booked is more than just a couple of hours, the trainer will bring a projector with them. You don’t have to provide a screen, but a clear, flat wall that they can project onto (or put their screen against) is super handy.
  • All trainers carry a set of blankets to allow for comfortable and clean floor work, but as delegates spend a lot of time on the deck, it’s a great idea to make sure it’s clean. We once went to a venue where we were put in the unused gents toilets – not fun for anyone! 
  • Noise and disturbance must be minimal, training should not take place in an open or working area such as an open canteen or cafe. Distractions are really difficult for our trainer and also the delegates, and we all want to make sure that everyone gets the very best out of the session!

If you have any questions at all – speak to our team, they’ll be happy to help. We’re on 0330 335 1234.

The bottom line: Great Training + Great Environment = Amazing Course!  

Richard Craddock

Richard is the Managing Director at SkillBase First Aid

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