It’s our last video for Stress Awareness Month! We’ve covered symptoms, the links between mental health and stress, crutches and pain points, and so much more. Our last episode has got to be pretty good, right? Correct!

In our final episode, we ask Julian to divulge what more workplaces can be doing in order to support their employee’s stress.

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Estimated watch time: Approx 2 minutes

If you haven’t got the time to sit back and relax right now, you can always come back later or read the main points below!

Episode Seven: What Workplaces Can Do

Firstly, investing in your team with a Mental Wellbeing First Aider is a great start. Our aim is to see an equal number of Mental Wellbeing First Aiders to First Aiders in the workplace, trained for a mental health first aid emergency. By doing this, you ensure you have someone who has the ability to identify if someone is struggling. All the appointed person needs to be able to do is offer a helping hand and direct them to a professional.

Why not book in a FREE consultation with us to talk all things mental health and wellbeing at work! Book in for a chat here.

The HSE also have a work-related stress risk assessment which can be really helpful in assessing your own working environment and the effects it may have on your team. You can access that for free here.

Lastly, it is also worthwhile investing in your team further by seeking the advice of a life coach, like Julian himself, to teach people ways of coping and thriving in these stressful environments. Modern workplaces need to invest in their employees as humans, not just workers – and their lives and productivity will be better for it.

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Thank you for watching our video series, and reading our blog. This stress awareness month, we hope you feel far savvier than ever. We want to instill confidence when it comes to putting yourself first, and helping others to do the same.

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Episode Seven – What Workplaces Can Do


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