It’s Stress Awareness Month!

Besides encouraging home comforts, we thought it was time we sought the advice of a real expert. Julian Hall from Calm People has worked in the Emotional Resilience industry for over 20 years. Take our word for it, he has a lot of great advice on stress!

So much advice, in fact, that we have put together a stress-free video series just for you! The first aid focus has seven episodes of really valuable insights on how to manage your stress, as well as helping others.


Watch episode one below to learn all about Stress Relief!

Watch Time: Approx 3 Minutes

Haven’t got time to kick back and watch this? Read the main points of episode one below!

Episode One – Main Points:

When you are feeling stressed, take time out to relax. If you feel better when having a sports massage, a spa day, or even a long bath, then make time to do these things. And as long as this is in moderation, even a glass of wine to unwind is perfectly okay! The key point to take away from these ‘soothers’ is that they can become habitual, and this can be a negative thing. If you are leaning on these soothers and realise that you cannot live without them, then this may be contributing to your stress, too.

The best thing to do which is really simple, is to breathe. There are lots of suggestions on the internet which will say the same thing, but it really does work. If you breathe in for a count of 7, pause, and breathe out for 11 you will notice that over the course of two minutes you will be much calmer. Doing this stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system which changes the balance of the adrenaline in our body. In just two minutes you can regain control. 

Thanks for watching our video and reading our blog! Click here for the next episode.

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