Julian Hall breaks down the barriers and tells us some home truths. What do most of his clients admit to relying on and why?

In this penultimate episode – Julian exposes some of the most popular forms of stress relief. We learn what people lean on as crutches, just to get by in their everyday life. You’ll be shocked to see how many of these may be applicable to you or people you know!


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Episode Six: Stress Crutches

The most obvious habits that most people confess to are overindulging in drink, drugs, and food.

Did You Know?

46% of people admit to over-eating when they are under stress. Julian personally believes this is higher. If this period of stress is long enough, even when the period has passed, we may already be in the habit of over-feeding ourselves. It won’t end at the stressful period, as without meaning to we may already have formed an unhealthy relationship with food.

More recently, we see terms such as ‘retail therapy’ and ‘gym junky’. People use shopping and gym visits in order to alleviate their stresses.  Gym junkies specifically are dependent on their exercise regime in order to manage their stress and/or mental health in some cases.

If you can’t do without a certain crutch within a day be it drink, drugs, food, shopping or exercise – chances are the relationship is an unhealthy one and you need to examine this closely. You can try this as an experiment by going without and monitor if this causes you stress. In direct contrast, the crutch you rely on may involuntarily be contributing to your stress.

Thank you for both watching and reading our blog – these are certainly interesting findings aren’t they? Most of us can relate to using certain crutches as a form of relief or a crutch, but it’s important to know when this is a problem.
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